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Projects, Tools, and Code

Below are some of my personal projects and tools, most of which are open-source and available on GitHub.


DomainMOD (PHP)
Website - Demo - Source Code
DomainMOD is an open source application written in PHP & MySQL used to manage your domains and other internet assets in a central location. DomainMOD also includes a Data Warehouse framework that allows you to import your web server data so that you can view, export, and report on your live data.

HomelabAPI (FastAPI)
Website - Demo - Source Code
HomelabAPI is a self-hosted API that you can use to consolidate all of your homelab notifications and other outputs. This allows you to use HomelabAPI as your central input/output hub, and if you ever want to change where your homelab outputs go, it's just a matter of updating your HomelabAPI configuration.

monmon (Python)
Website - Demo - Source Code
monmon is a simple Raspberry Pi-based monitoring tool that keeps an eye on your existing monitoring systems and lets you know if any of your nodes need attention. If there's an issue, the screen attached to your Raspberry Pi will start to flash. Optionally, you can connect an HDMI display to the Pi and have it show the monmon status page.

Personal API (FastAPI)
More Info
I created a personal API in order learn more about FastAPI, which is a Python framework used for quickly creating production-ready APIs.

Hello, Random! (Various Languages)
This is a fun little website that I still have yet to start, but plan to soon. In short, the website will show you how to build the same tiny randomization application in various programming languages, so people who have experience with one language can see how the same application would be created in another language, potentially making their learning of the new language a bit easier.

PatioPi (PHP)
More Info
After an extremely smooth experience implementing a few Raspberry Pis in my Homelab, one day I was marvelling at the fact that you could technically run a server on a Pi from anywhere as long as you had a battery pack and a Wi-Fi signal. I then jokingly thought, with a strong enough Wi-Fi signal, I could probably even hang a Pi in the tree outside our apartment and run a website from it. And thus, PatioPi was born.

Public Tools

DNS Lookup - - Source code (Flask)
Domain WHOIS Lookup - - Source code (Flask)
HTTP Header Lookup - - Source code (Flask)
IP Address Lookup - - Source code (Flask)
Password Generator - - Source code (Flask)
Personal API - - No public source code (FastAPI)
Randomizer - - Source code (Flask)

GitHub Accounts

Although my personal GitHub account can be found here, I also have a handful of organization subaccounts setup with their own separate code.

Personal (GitHub) - My personal repositories.
AYS Media (www / GitHub) - Very old repositories for my company AYS Media.
DomainMOD (www / GitHub) - Repositories for my open-source project DomainMOD.
HAIdeas (www / GitHub) - Repositories for my open-source project HAIdeas.
Hello, Random! (www / GitHub) - (COMING SOON) Repositories for my open-source project Hello, Random!.
HomelabAPI (www / GitHub) - Repositories for my open-source project HomelabAPI.
monmon (www / GitHub) - Repositories for my open-source project monmon.