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Greg Chetcuti

PM, Web Operations Specialist, Email Marketing and Deliverability Expert, Software Developer, Linux Enthusiast, Home Automator, Tinkerer, All-Around Geek

Hi, my name's Greg, and I'm a huge freakin' nerd. I simply love playing around with all things technology. Whether it's setting up a new piece of hardware or software in my Homelab, learning new programming languages (and occasionally swearing at them), falling asleep in bed while reading about Linux command-line utilities, or running a live web server from my patio using a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and a battery pack (cut me some slack, it was a pandemic project), if it's technology-related, odds are that I'm going to want to get my hands on it.

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Some Tech I Use
Ansible: Simplify IT tasks through configuration management and deployment automation.
Copilot: Coding AI that accelerates the development process by providing code suggestions.
Docker: A platform for containerizing applications for efficient deployment.
Eleventy: A fast and flexible static site generator for modern web development.
Home Assistant: A home automation platform for complete smart home control.
Pi-hole: Network-wide ad blocking and local DNS resolution.
Proxmox: A platform for virtualization and infrastructure orchestration.
Python: A high-level programming language known for simplicity and versatility.
Tailscale: A secure, easy-to-use mesh VPN that connects devices using WireGuard.