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Personal API (

Yes, I'm very aware that having a personal API is a tad ridiculous, and I'm ok with that.

I started learning Python a couple years ago, which lead to playing around with some Python web frameworks, and this quickly lead me to FastAPI. As you may have already guessed, FastAPI is exactly what its name would imply, a framework built specifically for creating APIs very quickly.

Since I was already learning Python, and I've always been curious about setting up an API, I figured I'd create a personal API so that I could get familiar with FastAPI and its features.

You can currently use the API to view and sign my API guestbook, view and add to my API hit counter, send me push notifications and Telegram messages, download my resume, and perform various randomization tasks. I plan to add more functionality as I learn more about FastAPI.

Example API Calls (cURL, PHP, Python)

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